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Skechers thong sandals are all-purpose summer shoes for women

Summer family footwear ranges from stylish wedges, to sports sandals, to flip flops. But many are geared toward certain types of activities. The Rasta thong sandals by Skechers are a truly all-purpose sandal.

These fabric women's shoes are versatile enough to accommodate a walk through the park, a lazy day at the beach or a full day of shopping in complete comfort.

Although sporty in appearance, the neutral gray Rasta will look good with outfits in any color. They're also affordable at Rack Room Shoes, which makes them doubly attractive to the most discriminating consumer.

Rasta sandals have molded top soles that form a strong arch and offer terrific support. The charcoal gray fabric in the straps matches the gray rubber soles, which are ridged for traction. A strap over the instep and two that crisscross over the toe thong are adorned with a ribbon-like embellishment. They are adjustable for a good fit.

With a Skechers tag on both the molded footbed and the instep strap, there's no question about the top quality and durability of the Rasta.

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